About Us

At Eqsee, we believe in chasing perfection to reach to the acme of excellence through innovative approach and delivering what our customers desire.

We are steadfast in our commitment tracking the progress of every phase from design to delivery. Regular quality checks after every phase are in-built in our operations.

Our basic approach is totally customer oriented. We deliver international quality standards through our exclusive range of products in the category of garments, cushions and accessories with absolute persistence at every stage of operation.

We consider time as money. We value your time and hence follow a robust and smooth process flow for the on-time delivery of our products to achieve a wholesome customer satisfaction.

Our activity in this B2B marketplace commences from the unique and latest design collection that will be exported to the international market after undergoing quality checks. Once the product goes international, the logistics will be decided as per the agreement of the client.

We ensure to deliver excellence in every facet of our service.

Eqsee is a premium export house based in India exporting garments across the globe. We specialize in supplying trendy and casual women wear with value –added process. We made huge investments on our quality control mechanism and maintenance of warehouses for the upkeep of our products. Our strength is the diverse range of products that we supply that is casual women wear, cushions and accessories.

We deal in almost all kinds of fabrics such as satin, silk, cotton, georgettes etc. We care about the condensation in the high-end market segments of the Global fashion industry delivering global competence in apparels and fashion.