About Us

At Eqsee, we believe in chasing perfection to reach to the acme of excellence through innovative approach and delivering what our customers desire.

We are steadfast in our commitment tracking the progress of every phase from design to delivery. Regular quality checks after every phase are in-built in our operations.

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In this slewing age of fashion textile industry is seeing its actual highs. New designs, patterns and styles are available in the market which attracts masses towards it. In this styling game, one thing which remains unnoticed is the quality.
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Home Furnishing

A place for relieving yourself, pampering your dreams and give abundance of love and happiness is your home. Home is both a sanctuary and a canvas for creative self-expression.
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Define your style with our latest range of accessories. Our lightweight scarves goes along with any outfit which can transform your look, whether worn around your neck or tied into your hair. We also have different types of sarongs with bold florals, animal prints, Hawaiian style and many more to suit your appearance.

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A fashion accessory from overseas is a popular, bright, stylish and popular beach accessory. It is a chic way to complement your tropical beach look.

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